Carl F. Clauss Jr.

On 12/27/2000, Carl F. Clauss Jr. passed away at the age of 77 years.  He served proudly on the USS Cavalier APA-37 during WWII as a radio operator.  He spoke very fondly of his experiences and the friends he made in the USCG.  He remained very active and still loved to go on the air as an amateur radio operator (W3HTM).  He is survived by his wife of 43 years and three sons.  We love you Pop and miss you so much.

01/06/01 Submitted by: Carl F. Clauss III
Obituaries for USS Cavalier Crew members.
James Freeman Jr., CS1, USN

May 1,1932-Nov. 26,2000.  James' funeral was held on Nov. 30,2000 by Navy chaplains Berger and Evans.

James is survived by his wife, Sandra.  James and Sandra attended the 2000 reunion of the USS Cavalier APA-37 held in Branson MO.  After departing the reunion in October he and his wife traveled to Tennessee to attend his family reunion. The following month James passed away.  James was well liked and respected by the crew of the Cavalier. James spent his final days with crew members of the Cavalier as well as his family and friends.

12/23/02 Submitted by: Historian, Uss Cavalier APA-37
Harry W. Midgette, LCDR,USCG

My Father departed this life on September 5th, 2000.  He served on active duty as a radioman and/or communicator for 30 years including the WWII Pacific Theatre: USS Cavalier APA_37 and post war duty at Loran Station Oshima.  He retired from the Fifth District Office in 1962 and taught high school math for the next 16 years.  He encouraged many of his students to serve in the Coast Guard.  He was a member of the CWO Association, Coast Guard Combat Veterans, Coast Guard Club (WB4IRI) and Life Member of SEMPER PARATUS Masonic Lodge.  On behalf of his family, thank you for the many kind words and prayers, they were a comfort in this difficult time.

12/29/2000 Submitted by: Don Midgette, LCDR, USCGR.

Ralph B. Harris, BM3, USN

March 7, 1932 - October 1988.  My father served from 1950 to  1954 aboard the CAVALIER.  He was born in Belton, Texas and joined the Navy when he was 17.  He made all his landings with the CAVALIER as COXWAIN during the Korean War.

After his discharge, he went to school at the university of Houston, Texas.  He studied Architecture and Engineering.  In 1957, he married Darlene Stott. He worked as a draftsman in Colorado for Tenneco Oil Co. in the late 1950's and early 1960's.  He later took a position as an engineer with Gulf oil Co. where he remained for the remainder of his life.  His job took us all over the Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Louisiana area.  Later he worked in Cabina, Angola at the Gulf Oil, Later Chevron Oil Co. production fields.  He took up golf in the 1980's and was throughly taken with the game.  He was steadily improving his game until he was stricken with cancer, which took his life in October, 1988.

01/06/2003, Submitted by Mark S. Harris

Picture of Ralph Harris
Eric Milnor
Eric Milnor died on 25 November 1990 in San Francisco, CA. He was 57 years old.
Eric was born San Francisco, CA, on 2 March 1933 and was appointed to the Naval Academy from North Carolina. He graduated with the Class of 1955 in the 13th Company.
After graduation, Eric was assigned to CAVALIER, based in San Diego. He qualified as officer of the deck, underway, on CAVALIER and made at least one voyage to Japan. After a year on CAVALIER, he applied for Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) training at Coronado, passed the course, and was assigned to UDT 12 at Coronado. In UDT, he participated in many special exercises in the Pacific including underwater mapping in Indonesia. After about three years in UDT, he left the Navy and worked in the aerospace industry with General Dynamics in San Diego and Spokane and with Grumman on Long Island. At Grumman, he worked on the Apollo Lunar Lander Module. After several years with Revlon Corp in New York, Eric returned to California and lived in San Rafael, near San Francisco, until his death in San Francisco in 1990.
During his last years in San Rafael, he pursued his life long hobby of rebuilding and sailing small yachts.
He is buried at the National Cemetery in the Presidio of San Francisco. Eric is survived by his brothers, David Milnor of Sacramento, CA, and Andrew Milnor of Ithaca, NY. 
September 1999 Shipmate

Patrick D. "Pat" Brady, JOSN. He was born Bremerton, Washington, Jan. 4, 1939. His parents were Harold T. Brady who served in the U.S. Navy from 1923 until 1945 (retired as Chief Commissary Steward), and Marguerite E. (Terry) Brady. He died in a boating accident on the Tanana River, near Fairbanks, Alaska July 6, 1969. Pat served aboard the U.S.S. Cavalier. He was aboard (helm watch) during Typhoon Nancy, off the coast of Japan, in 1962. He graduated from Franklin Pierce High School, Tacoma, Washington, in 1957, where he was a star "miler" on the track team. Pat later attended Olympic Junior College and Central Washington College of Education. He worked for both the Washington State and the U.S. Forest Service, where he was a horse packer near Mt. St. Helens, a lookout man, trail crewmember in Washington State and a Smokejumper out of Redding, California.
Patrick D. Brady, JOSN.
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