The following was added by George Greenwell.  George was present on the

Ship during the time this shark was caught and supplies a few stats as to

How this beast was caught.


With regard to the shark tale:  I was there when the big Army mess cook, who was a very likeable guy, came up with the idea to "go fishing". 


He had made friends with some of the ships company and got the ship fitters shop to make a big hook out of a 1/4" steel rod, used a 1/2" heaving line about 200' long, a chunk of chain about 3' long, a big piece (3-4#) of liver for bait and a 5 gallon empty plastic milk bag from the mess deck for a float.   He then heaved it off the fantail.  As I recall, it was about 2 hours before the shark hit it, taking the bait.  ...  this should fit in with the rest of the story.