Departing San Francisco, 1 January 1946, CAVALIER steamed  direct  to  Samara, Philippine Islands, thence to Guam, Marianna  Islands  and  from  there  to Eniwetok and  Kwajalein,  Marshall  Islands.   Embarking  military passengers at each of these ports,  she  then  steamed via Pearl Harbor to debark her "magic carpet"  passengers  at  San Francisco on 22  February 1946.  She remained for  repairs  and on 16 April 1946, Captain Kenneth Earl, USN, relieved Captain  Carl  E.  Guisness,  USCG, and all duties  aboard  CAVALIER  were  assumed  by  officers and men of the U. S.  Navy,  replacing   her  Coastguard  crew.  This same day CAVALIER steamed  for  refresher  training at San Diego, California.



On 5 May 1946, CAVALIER departed San Diego for a tour of the  Far  East, arriving at Shanghai, China on 24 May.  Rear Admiral B.  J.  Rodgers  hoisted  his flag on CAVALIER on 28 May and  she  became  flagship  of  Commander   Amphibious  Group  3,  serving  for  the  remainder of this tour, and at times as f lagship of Rear Admiral  T.  G. W. Settle,Commander Amphibious Force, SEVENTH  FLEET  and  Amphibious  Forces,  Western  Pacific.   She  remained  on  China  Station until 7 April 1947 with principal operations between  the  ports  of Tsingtao, Shanghai, and Chinwangtao,  carrying  troops,  supplies and equipment, intervened by a visit to Jinsen, Korea on  14  September  1946, in conjunction with an  inspection  tour  of  Naval Bases in Korea and China by Commander Amphibious Group 3.


APR - JUL 1947 – MAR 1948
Departing  Chanwangtao,  China  on  7  April  1947  with   Marine  personnel  and cargo for transportation to Guam, she  arrived  14  April.   After  loading 557 men of the llth  Marines  with  their  equipment she sailed 17 April to arrive at San Diego on 30  April  1947. CAVALIER  remained  at San Diego until 28 May, then  steamed  for  overhaul  in the Terminal Island Shipyard from 2 June  through  6  September  1947.   While  in overhaul status, on  20  June  1947,  Commander Arthur R. Johnson, USN, relieved Captain Kenneth  Earl,  USN.  On 22 July 1947, Commander Johnson was relieved by  Captain  C.  L.  Clement,  USN.  Upon  completion  of  overhaul,  CAVALIER  returned  to her base at San Diego and maintained a  schedule  of  training  operations off Coronado Roads and San  Clemente  Island  until  25 March 1948, when she departed for another tour  of  the  Far East.

APR 1948 – FEB 1950
Steaming via Pearl Harbor (1-3 April), CAVALIER arrived at  Guam,  Marinanas Islands on 13 April 1948.  Here she  embarked troops  of  the  Ninth  Marines and after amphibious training  exercises  off  Pago  Bay,  departed 22 April for Tsingtao,  China,  arriving  30  April to serve as a unit of Amphibious Group 3. Based at Tsingtao  during  the  entire  tour, she twice  transported  tons  of  rice  furnished by the American relief agencies at Shanghai, for use of  by  thousands of Chinese refugees in Tsingtao.  On 29 July  1948,  Captain  E. W. Armentrout, Jr., relieved Captain C.  L.  Clement,  USN.   CAVALIER departed Tsingtao on 14 December and returned  to  Long  Beach,  California  on 29  December  1948.   She  underwent  overhaul  in  the  Long  Beach  Naval  Shipyard;  then  continued  operations  while  based  at San Diego.  On 16  March  1949,  she  sailed for Guam, returning to San Diego on 23 April with 1150 men  of the First Provisional Brigade and 57 of their dependents.   On  2  June  1949,  she sailed for Hilo, Hawaii and  upon  return  to  Oakland,  2  July, Captain S. S. Bowling relieved Captain  E.  W.  Armentrout,  Jr.,  USN.  She continued local  operations  at  San  Diego  until 12  September, then sailed for  Olympia,  Washington,  arriving  16  September  to embark elements of  the  Second  Army
Division  from Fort Lewis, Washington.  She then sailed  to  take  part  in  a  full-scale assault exercise on the  Island  of  Oahu  (Operation Mike), returning to debark the troops at Olympia on 16  November  1949.  She resumed operations out of San Diego,  making  one  voyage  to  Guam and returning with  Marine  passengers  (15  January  - 11 February 1950).  She departed San Diego on 3  April  1950 for another tour of the Far East.