The pictures directed to from this page were donated for copying by Dick Guthrie, radarman from 1955 thru 1958.
* Uss Cavalier, several views, mike boat
* Dress Parade on Yokosuka pier, radar gang and officers
* Inside CIC with picture of old SG1 radar and PPI scope
* Bill Zideck, Perry Eskew, George Huhnke
* Bernie Young, Bob Hayes, other unknown
* Terry Burnes, Dick Guthrie, Ron Brown, Ron Burnes
* Dick Guthrie, Bill Pritchard, Jerry Rutherford, George Huhnke,
  Ron Brown, Rufino Mora
* Dick Guthrie, recent pictures and an early picture.
* Jim Smith, St.Laurent, (unknown), Don Stevens, Gary Huliska,
  Greg Weaver, Don Jensen, Greg Ochoa, Otis Williams,
  Don Kessling.
Pictures supplied October 22, 2003
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