Guthries Pictures
The following pictures were donated for copying by Dick Guthrie.  Dick was on board the Uss Cavalier from 1955 thru 1958.  Dick was part of the RADAR gang.
The captions for the pictures will be at the bottom of the page.  I will also include any notes that were written on the backs of each picture.
Terry Burnes, Webmaster
Top = A Cavalier Post Card
       Caption = "This is my baby.  It isn't a new picture but                             the same ship."
Center left = Cavalier.  Looks as though picture taken from a liberty boat heading in to  shore.
Center middle = Bow of the Uss Cavalier
Center right = Mike boat from Cavalier
Bottom left = Parade pictures on Yokosuka pier.  Radar gang
                   Caption = Shows Ens. Wagner as "best ensign".
                    Shows Radar Leading P.O. - explative.

Bottom right = CIC old SG1 radar console in back ground and                        PPI scope.